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Caleb Sterling , Tyson Moore. Montana United States. Other Editions 4. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Through the Montana Mist , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Through the Montana Mist. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Nov 16, Ale Rivero rated it really liked it. En cuanto a Caleb, la que sufre por Dios.

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This book was way too short. The story moved very quickly along from meeting to living together hut then because of the length I guess it had too. Also if I am honest it remonded me of another story which was very similiar. This was the last book in the series. I think it would have been nice to have a 4th so we could see how Caleb and Tyson got on after the initial infatuation. Dec 25, Alina added it. Surprisingly enough I didn't like this book as much as the previous two. After awhile Caleb's passivity just started getting on my nerves and the whole abusive boyfriend thing just made him look all the more like chick with dick, imo.

I caught myself wishing there'd be more Jeff, at least his story about sexual problems because of his line of work looked interesting. Aug 01, Ottilee B. Story was kept on the ranch and these two mc's. This review is like the story- fill the holes!

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Jul 17, Robin French rated it really liked it Shelves: favorite-series. There is something about them that makes reading them feel like you're visiting with an old friend. They're familiar but you can always find something new. Even at less than a hundred pages each, each is a complete story. Each book builds a little more on the previous. I truly hope that there are more someday as Justice River Ranch is 4 Star Review for Saddle Up and Ride series by Carol Lynne I've had these three books for quite awhile and they're ones I re-read a couple times a year.

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I truly hope that there are more someday as Justice River Ranch is a place that I truly enjoy visiting. Book 1 - Reining in the Past. A father that he has been told died over twenty years ago. Deacon basically runs the ranch and was Ray's father's best friend. Both struggle to overcome the past to see if they have a future worth fighting for. With the guest part of the ranch now leaning more towards LBGT guests, it was only a matter of time before one of the employees fell for one of the guests.

Bridger should have been just a young spoiled brat, but he's so much more. Will Griggs take a chance on love with the younger man, or will he fight for what he wants? Book 3 - Through the Montana Mist Tyson came to the ranch when he and his father were hired to do some work on the newly expanded guest services of Justice River and he never left. When Caleb, and his partner Jeff, come to the ranch Tyson knows there's something wrong, but can prove it. When Caleb comes to him for help, Tyson steps up. Now the pair have to decide if what they're feeling is truly love or just gratitude for Tyson helping Caleb save himself from an abusive relationship.

You like bugs. Bugs, bugs, bugs, you like bugs. Take it Bing: Boo, boo, boo boo, Yeah! Lawns should all be carpet like even where it never rains and we should have Scots 4-step plan in our groundwater and drains. People were not meant to fly or we would have been born with wings but still I like to cross the ocean and have croissant on the Seine and buy a lot of duty free and fly right home again.

Now that I am older if I see a line or furrow I do not like can simply Botox it away, and spend a minor fortune that could feed a family of four in China for three weeks and take a bath in Oil of Olay. But what can one small person do? Beginnings are difficult you see.

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Through the Montana Mist (Saddle Up and Ride Book 3) - Kindle edition by Carol Lynne. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Through the Montana Mist (Saddle Up and Ride, #3) . I've had these three books for quite awhile and they're ones I re-read a couple times a year. There is.

Like being the first to say "I love you" or like writing the first line of a letter that you're not sure you will even send. First one foot must go down and then the other. First thing you know you're walking then you're running and the wind is in your hair. At last you're there. Beginnings are necessary things but even so--beginnings are hard for me. Just wanted you to know. Rose Without Rain In summer's golden fire, beginnings of desire.

Love is special, sweet and fine, tastes like sand and sea and wine But love's misunderstanding can make it cool. A heart that's too demanding soon plays the fool. I've heard the poet say, nothing gold can stay.

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Like a rose without rain, a love without pain can never grow, and I should know, because I've danced to the rhythm of the rain, and sung with a chorus of raindrops on my windowpane. In springtime's fiery hiss, a tender moment's kiss.

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Love is sunny, bright and breezy, life is cool and crisp and easy. But a pedestal gets broken, a knife can turn, a hasty word is spoken, too late we learn. In winter's icy breath, love dies a frozen death unless the heart remembers all the warmth of love's Septembers. A day in any season still ends in night. Two wrongs for any reason can't make a right. My love's a little stronger, it can last a little longer, like rose without rain a love without pain can never grow and a lazy love gets buried in the snow. Colder Than Snow Colder than, colder than snow. She has an ice cube where hearts usually grow.

Colder than snow as it drifts into walls that defend her, she buries her feelings I know. Love is asleep in the bright, shiny crystals of snow. Colder than, colder than steel, he's crunching numbers where most people feel.

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Colder than steel as it gleams in the dark city moonlight, strong to absorb all the strain. Building defenses to shelter the pain. It takes a warm heart, a warm soul to know, that there are things that the cold ones can't show, hiding in caverns of ice 'til their smiles turn brittle and crack at the slightest touch.

It takes a warm heart, a warm soul to see, that some snow people just long to be free.

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They long to bask in the rays of our warmth and compassion and know that someone understands. Colder than snow. Cool Water Was a time I thought that love was a fire burning out of control. Fueled with pain and stoked with desire to incinerate my soul. So when I went looking for love I only knew one kind. I went a searching for the fever, didn't dream that I might find cool water, washing over me, cool, cool water washing over me.

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I'm sure there are plenty of reviews. He grew up on a large ranch but his father believed he was too good to get dirty and therefore wanted him in the corporate world. In the first five, the morning line had his horses at , , , and for Baze a typical rollout of extremely short odds. In fact, I liked the entire series, even if I did read them out of order --I know, I f'd up, it won't happen again. And the purses in the Bay Area are relatively small.

Was a time I thought that love was a flame, a burning, searing dart. Cupid poised to take his aim and to torch the tender heart. I remember when I saw it first, that sweet look in your eyes. Liquid love that quenched my thirst. It took me by surprise. While I'd be looking for love it crept up from behind.