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It was a pair of the prettiest sunglasses he had ever seen.

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They had a shiny red butterfly-shaped frame spangled with bright silver stars. The lenses were black as night and a shiny silver chain dangled from the sides. Deepak turned the glasses over and over in his hands. What were they meant for?

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Since they came out of the magic box, they must surely be magic sunglasses. Walking to the seat by the window, he sat down and slowly put on the glasses, and looked out.

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Nothing happened at first. But soon, he felt something. He peered harder. The jackfruit tree outside his window seemed to be shifting.

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A narrow path was forming in its place, and before he knew it, he was being drawn out of the window and onto the path. Holding the magic glasses firmly in place, Deepak started walking on the path, away from home. The beautiful path led him on quickly, his little legs scarcely feeling the pain of walking so fast. So many brightly coloured flowers grew by the sides of the path, it seemed like a hundred rainbows had come down to earth at once to visit. Giant trees stood around like alert guards. The whole place was humming with birdsong. Bees were busily buzzing around, collecting nectar from the flowers to make honey.

Little animals were moving fearlessly back and forth on the path because there were no cars, no trucks, no noise, dust, not even cycles to scare them off. Rabbits spoke to birds, ants cheerfully went about collecting little grains of food and a toad sat on one side, croaking lazily.

Deepak walked faster, he walked for a long time, deeper and deeper into the woods, till he came upon a little clearing. The clearing was dark and cool, bordered by large trees. A cane fence rose upwards, in the middle of the clearing. It had been built to protect a little mud hut that sat squat and cosy inside. The hut had a sloping hay roof and little cane windows. Deepak went up to the gate of the fence, lifted the latch and then drew back. What if a nasty witch lived inside? He thought it better to hide behind a tree and watch. Even as he watched, the cane door of the hut opened and a bent old lady in a white sari walked out with a broom in her hand. She was toothless and had a headful of silver grey hair.

She wore the most enormous red stone earrings on her ear lobes that were sagging to her shoulders with the weight. She merely flicked her broom this way and that, over the ground, clearing away the dried leaves that had fallen from the trees. Then, she went and tiredly sat on a stone bench, took out some betel nut from a dirty pouch that hung on her waist and chewed on it.

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There's only one reality, yet there're many ways to perceive it. This book is about confronting false thoughts and panic attacks through cognitive psychology. The Magic in Purple. The Magic in Red. Which one is your favorite? At the moment I'm leaning towards the purple, but these are the kind of glasses that would.

Deepak heard another voice from inside the hut. It belonged to a dark, thin boy who came out holding a slate in his hand. Deepak saw him and his mouth fell open. He pushed his magic glasses firmly onto his nose. They were big and kept slipping off his nose.

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He looked again at the boy. Going to school? How could this boy be going to school? He wore no uniform, just a thin loincloth and a short kurta. He walked barefoot and wore a knot of hair on his neck, just like his grandmother. Deepak almost laughed aloud.

"The mysteries of the heart are the most difficult ones to solve…"

He walked barefoot and wore a knot of hair on his neck, just like his grandmother. I realize the audience is kids so I made some preliminary adjustments to my expectations of content. Roberta B. Saturday 10am to 5pm. My kids really enjoyed it as well. It was a pair of the prettiest sunglasses he had ever seen. Equipment Eyeglasses.

Imagine going to school like that. How was Deepak to know that the magic glasses had taken him back in time? And their school had no building. Don McPherson under a government sponsored research grant,. McPherson discovered the effect by accident: while designing eye-protection glasses for laser-surgeons, when he gave the special lens to a color blind friend. The lenses enabled him to see colors where they were previously muddled and muted, giving McPherson the inspiration to start a new direction of research.

After a long journey through research grants, prototypes and product studies, the current form of consumer-friendly glasses were designed. The system, called Digital Color Boost, works using a series of precise 'cutouts' along the spectrum of light.

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By removing the wavelengths of light between the primary colours, Digital Color Boost amplifies the color signal sent to the brain. For wearers, colors appear brighter and more saturated. People report that their color discrimination is faster and more accurate, they are able to see more vibrant colors. They are more likely to notice objects that are differentiated against a background based on color such as a flower against background of leaves , whereas without the lens those objects would have been overlooked.

When people with normal color vision wear the EnChroma Cx glasses, they see a 'color boost' effect: colors appear to 'pop' with a super-ordinary vibrance. The firm also says wearing could improve a child's vision. Wearers say the changes can make a big difference to their lives. On the left, a 'normal' colourblind view, and on the right, the same image through the new lens. What an amazing thing.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The 'magic' glasses that could let the color blind see a sunset normally for the first time Special lenses boost the colour signals sent to the brain Allow sufferers to see colours that were previously muddled and muted By Mark Prigg For Dailymail.

Share this article Share. For sunsets, I wasn't aware that wide bands of glowing colour shoot out. Share or comment on this article: The 'magic' glasses that could let the colour blind see normally e-mail 1. Unlike ordinary sunglasses, polarising lenses eliminate Lenses that react to light. So you only need one pair of glasses for all conditions. Ideal for daytime driving, the driving tint will give you sharper vision behind the wheel. Its special tint enhances contrast and blocks UV light to give you a clearer view of the road. Swipe to view more Tap to zoom in.

Product code: About product codes The product code refers to a specific colour and size combination. Buy Online Find a Store.