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Originally published in , The Hole Book remains as profoundly enjoyable and incredibly popular as ever. With humorous text and irresistible drawings, this classic work will delight readers of all ages with the story of Tom Potts' bullet, which leads him through all sorts of unexpected scenes and adventures, each funnier than the last.

Peter Newell began his career as an artist drawing portraits, using crayons as his medium. In his fantastic humor, many believe, is the first appearance of the gentle humor of the absurd which The New Yorker has subsequently developed to such a high level. About the Author: Peter Newell — began his career painting portraits, using crayons as a medium, before turning to children's book.

Hole Book. Write a Review Your Rating:. Jun 22, Cassandra Gelvin rated it did not like it. Gun safety? What gun safety? This book from republished in is definitely a product of its time.

The Hole Book by Peter Newell, First Edition

It's got a novel idea in that there's a hole that is about the size of 2 pencil that runs all the way through the book except the last page. At the very beginning, a little boy is playing with a gun and it goes off and shoots a hole in the wall, and this bullet just keeps traveling forever in a ridiculous manner. I guess you could say that it kind of has an anti-gun message, or maybe a " Gun safety?

I guess you could say that it kind of has an anti-gun message, or maybe a "don't play with guns" one, but not really. Nobody actually gets hurt. Some of the things the bullet does are good; some of them are bad. The whole thing is written in quatrains. Like I said, it's very dated, but it's kind of cute nonetheless.

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Same or next day shipping. Sprache: Deutsch. Images clean and bright. Totally charming book, the original printing! The attorney asks for Zero's file, but the camp staff are naturally unable to find it, so Zero is also released. Next Prisoner of Azkaban event — Wrap-up. The inside hinges have been reinforced with white cloth tape.

I definitely wouldn't read it to a kid nowadays. There's a lot of violence, the kid wouldn't understand half the things that are going on, and it could really give a kid the idea that shooting a gun won't hurt anyone.

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Although there's a wildcat that was in somebody's gardens it was probably a caged animal there and it gets shot and presumably dies. People get mad at others because of things that they assume the other person is doing, but it's actually the bullet shooting things. A little boy is teasing a chained-up dog, and then the dog's chain gets shot apart and the dog gets free and is able to hurt the boy. It's goofy. It's definitely more entertaining than most of its children's book contemporaries.

It's not really relevant to today's kids. There's no overt bad message in it, and it's well-written, so it would end up in the middle if you didn't consider the cartoonish aspect of "nobody gets hurt by guns". The characters are very reminiscent of other artwork from that time period. They have kind of unusual-looking eyes.

When there's dialogue, it's often written in dialect, but I wouldn't say it's necessarily culturally insensitive. One person is smoking a pipe. There are Germans and a Russian, but they're drawn to look the same as others, just speaking with accents. However, I can only say this of the version I read. I checked the original book, which is online as it is in public domain, and it does have a rather racist spread in it with a black mother and her children whose watermelon has just been shot, the mother being referred to as "mammy.


No, no, no. The more I think about this book and the more I learn about it, the worse it gets. On the other hand, I could see an updated version of this book becoming mildly popular.

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Maybe someone bounces a bouncy ball and it keeps going? It doesn't need to be a gun. Message: Don't worry about guns; they won't hurt you. Oct 31, Bushra Zia rated it it was amazing Shelves: children-classic. Do you need a second opinion on this book? Visit and explore www. OceanPearl Books endeavors to provide well-informed book reviews, business readings, parenting tips, and consulting services for our clients worldwide. And it's all for Free!

The shot goes through the entire village, adversely affecting adults and children alike. Children discover the danger of playing with a gun and its consequences. Guns are bad.

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Mar 10, Mabomanji rated it liked it Shelves: children-s-books. Reader beware: as this was published in , there are a few instances of racism and sexism. Mar 14, Shems rated it liked it. View all 5 comments. May 13, Les Wolf rated it it was amazing. Awesome children's book with a hole in the middle of it. Jun 28, Marsha rated it it was amazing Shelves: children , classic , owned-books , picture-book. Told in quatrains and illustrations reminiscent of John Tenniel's work in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass , this merry little tale follows a shot fired carelessly from a gun by a foolish little boy.

While the beginning reads like something ripped from the headlines, the bullet doesn't actually kill. Instead, it causes a series of mishaps, near accidents and serendipitous circumstances as it zips on its way. Where does it end? Well, you'll have to read to learn that.

This is funny in a way geared to young children and told in lilting rhyme that must be read aloud to be truly appreciated. This classic charmer also features an actual round hole that leads the reader on as surely as the rhymes accompanying each illustration.

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This is an oldie but a goodie and it's the kind of lucky once-in-a-lifetime find that browsers of old bookstores simply cherish. Oct 02, Elizabeth added it Shelves: for-children , poetry.

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I learned of this book in a course I'm taking on the history of books. This book tells the story of a boy playing with a gun that he doesn't know is loaded, and when it goes off, it leaves a hole clean through the book. The holes in the pages are incorporated into the artwork and help tell the story. It's a very cute idea, and even though I read a digitized version online and there are no bullet-holes in my computer screen, thank goodness I still "got" the humor of the interactive novelty page I learned of this book in a course I'm taking on the history of books.

It's a very cute idea, and even though I read a digitized version online and there are no bullet-holes in my computer screen, thank goodness I still "got" the humor of the interactive novelty pages. Also, cat-lovers beware! This is a comedy about a bullet that wreaks havoc in humorous, nonfatal ways, and halfway through, a cat gets shot.

Children’s Book Review – The Hole Story

Nov 30, Shallowreader VaVeros rated it liked it Shelves: classics , verse-books , picture-books. This book of verse poems was first published in A boy shoots a gun and each page is a short poem on the bullets' travels. A cleverly illustrated and designed book as there is a bullet hole punched into the book. An early interactive book. Sep 26, Chris Volion rated it really liked it. The collective attitude toward firearms has certainly changed, not to mention the casual stereotyping, but it's a charming little book and verse from a time when we didn't have our collective panties in such a wad.

Sep 19, Meghan rated it really liked it. A very cute little book. It's a bit out of date socially.