The 2,000 Percent Solution

The Two Percent Solution
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Contents Part 1 Stalls and their solutions: the chain reaction insight-- exponential success from better decisions-- a mosquito in amber, suspended in time - the stall mind set-- sawdust and knuckledusters -the tradition stall-- you've got to be kidding! Part 2 Stall busters guide to achieving exponential organizational success: measuring caverns measureless to man-- listening to pros in measuring for profit-- best practice - where many cooks enrich the broth-- implementing best practice - all aboard for best practice city-- perfection as only you can imagine it-- on the trail of the Holy Grail-- the old square peg in the round hole dilemma-- mustard repeats-- renaissance people and the future, here and now.

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They tend to approach problems and practices in predictable ways. This revolutionary book argues that such ingrained habits, which often masquerade as efficient procedures, actually obstruct growth.

The 2,000 Percent Solution

The 2, Percent Solution introduces "stall-busting, " a process that shows you how to recognize typical stalls and overcome them. The book also helps you understand why companies habitually "think small" in order to feel comfortable and in control. And it explains that only by learning to break certain patterns can we stride rapidly forward, solve seemingly impossible problems, and arrive sooner and more easily at the future.

Through unorthodox examples ranging from the Titanic to Leonardo da Vinci's bicycle. The 2, Percent Solution redirects our knee-jerk reactions, or stalls, and gets readers on the road to sustainable change.

Subject Creative ability in business. Organizational change.

Free Your Organization from "Stalled" Thinking to Achieve Exponential Success

is a new way of looking at problems that beset organisations that are trying to keep ahead of the competition, in today's global marketplace this is extremely important. A definite must for any reference library for the serious student of business management and strategies. The 2, Percent Solution and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle.​ The 2, Percent Solution Workbook: Practical Questions, Exercises and Suggestions to Create by Donald Mitchell Paperback $​ Start reading The 2, Percent Solution on your Kindle in.

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Readers say the advice and examples are as timely today as when the book was first published. We look forward to hearing your comments and questions at mitchell mitchellandco. Sign in. Hidden fields.

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Top charts. Add to Wishlist. Organizations, like people, are creatures of habit. They tend to approach problems in predictable ways. This revolutionary book argues that such ingrained habits, which often masquerade as efficient procedures, actually obstruct growth. Reviews Review Policy.

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