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We know how addictive cigarettes are.

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But smokers considering e-cigarettes are being discouraged in the face of misinformation coming from once-trusted groups like the American Heart Association and American Lung Association. Both groups actively supported the vape-shop ban. Big Pharma, which funds such groups, is concerned that the pesky vape shops are rendering their largely ineffective FDA-approved anti-smoking products obsolete. The council just doesn't get it. Vape-shop staffers, with their real-world success stories and product knowledge, have the potential to be highly effective, especially for entrenched smokers who were unsuccessful with other methods.

What's more, unlike floundering taxpayer-funded health counselors, already forbidden from giving smokers factual information about e-cigarettes, vape-shop employees don't cost taxpayers a penny.

Unless we consider the lost tax-revenue from cigarette sales. Uncle Sam, thankfully, is moving in the other direction, finally. Obama-era regulations would have banned almost every e-cigarette that's ever been used to quit smoking. But as FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb stated when unveiling a new federal approach, "The overwhelming amount of death and disease attributable to tobacco is caused by addiction to cigarettes — the only legal consumer product that, when used as intended, will kill half of all long-term users. The FDA's new comprehensive approach to nicotine regulation envisions a world "where adults who still need or want nicotine could get it from alternative and less harmful sources.

And it's not just the Trump FDA touting e-cigarettes to help smokers quit. In July, UK health agency Public Health England released its long-awaited tobacco-control plan, which ambitiously seeks to cut regular smoking among year-olds from 8 percent to 3 percent or less and to reduce adult smoking from The plan calls for "permitting innovative technologies that minimize the risk of harm," and to "maximize the availability of safer alternatives to smoking" — e-cigarettes, for example. Unlike New York, England will "seek to support consumers in stopping smoking and adopting the use of less harmful nicotine products.

PHE even boldly recommended that vaping not be included in "smoke-free legislation and should not routinely be" banned in workplaces.

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In , through the "smoke-free" law, New York City nixed vaping, which produces no smoke, not only in bars and restaurants, but outdoors at parks and beaches. Links between close aides and arrested businessman make life uncomfortable for the prime minister. From real-time translation services, to cars that sense our moods, consumers expect a world of new digital experiences, innovations … and super-fast, seamless 5G connections with zero latency. Local official and takeaway owner said there would be free food if two Labour MPs lost in the December 12 election.

The Smokers’ Guide To Quitting Marijuana

A strong single market means a strong and competitive Europe globally. Becoming competitive relies on interlinked tools with a track record for economic growth, such as European standardization.

Stop Smoking Now Hypnosis (For Bed Time)

A slowly unfolding plot and a complicated anti-hero make the hearings feel like a prestige drama. Germany CDU chief delivered congress speech that veered from the compelling to the mundane and back again. For decades political stability, economic growth and peace have been indispensable to making Europe a prosperous and free continent. European Union institutions and individual member nations spearheaded ….

How can we provide energy for the world while tackling climate change? By working together — governments, international bodies, private sector and civil society — with the EU playing a leading role. The drugs industry is objecting to the marketing of e-cigarettes and vape pens as a way to quit cancer-causing cigarettes. Pharmaceutical companies, which sell their own quitting alternatives like nicotine patches and chewing gum, argue that tobacco and vaping companies are playing both sides of the street, hawking the health benefits of their products without having to undergo the lengthy and expensive approval processes required for medical products.

E-cigarettes sit in a tantalizing regulatory gray area between existing tobacco laws and drug approval processes. At stake: Who will take t he larger share of the Europe's market for smoking cessation. A study of global smoking trends by the Foundation for a Smoke Free World, a New York-based anti-smoking organization backed by the tobacco giant Philip Morris International, found sales of vapor-based smoking products rose nearly 37 percent in Sales of pharmaceutical nicotine products rose by only by 2.

Lobbyists for one tobacco company and a vaping trade organization, both based in Brussels, have accused pharmaceutical companies of sponsoring anti-smoking NGOs as a backdoor lobby against e-cigarettes.

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Pharma lobbying against e-cigarettes began as far back as , when the Tobacco Products Directive that is now up for review was first being drafted. The effort failed. In Brussels, tobacco and vaping representatives have come together to launch a petition calling for loser regulation of vaping.

E-cigarette producers labeled the campaign an attempt by pharma to smear electronic cigarettes. The drugmaker countered that no e-cigarette has been licensed as a medicinal product to help people quit smoking. The American drugmaker attacked the U.

The drugmaker also alleged that UKVIA had hired a doctor to promote e-cigarettes and had claimed smoking e-cigarettes is beneficial for asthma patients, violating British advertising rules. UKVIA, which lists several tobacco and vaping companies as members, dismissed the allegations. The Irish authority cautioned that more studies need to be carried out on the long-term health risks of e-cigarettes.

A tobacco lobbyist who was not authorized to speak on the record said Andriukaitis advertized a pharma product by mentioning Nicorette in a recent interview. He should be neutral, the lobbyist argued. This article is part of the special report: The Big Vaping Dilemma. From drug pricing, EMA, vaccines, pharma and more, our specialized journalists keep you on top of the topics driving the health care policy agenda.

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