Stealing Flowers

'They are not resting in peace now' CCTV shows man STEALING flowers from family grave
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Chinese park shuts because people kept stealing flowers from it

I guess they were saving room for churros and corn dogs. This was taking it too far. I stopped him on the sidewalk and confronted him. A garden is not a collection of free horticultural samples, I explained frostily.

North End Business Association calling on ‘plant thief’ to stop stealing flowers on Agricola Street

A plant is a possession, a thing that someone owns, not a souvenir offered up to tourists to help them treasure the memories of their summer vacation. He hastily stuck the geranium back in the soil, but not before his children had gathered around to listen to me scold their father.

It was a low moment for him and, in some ways, for me, too. I was letting flower theft get under my skin.

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I tried to relax my standards a little when I planted my garden in Eureka. Once again, the front yard would be full of flowers. Instead, I planted a row of lavender—a visual barrier, something that is difficult to step over and patrolled by ever-vigilant honeybees.

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In a small town in eastern Zhejiang province, Li Min coveted the winter-flowering evergreen shrubs known as Chinese Mahonia.​ She and two accomplices were charged with stealing 1, plants.​ China spent more than $35 billion for trees, shrubs and flowering plants to spruce up. Bride caught out stealing flowers from her neighbour's garden for her wedding. bridesmaids hold bouquets of flowers. (Picture: Getty).

The bud gets fatter and fatter, and one day, the flower, which is really a cluster of tiny flowers that form a globe shape, starts to emerge. It takes another week or two for the flower to reach its full size, then it might stay on the stalk for a month or more. Except in my garden, where someone walked right up to the flower bed next to my doorstep, and cut it down with a sharp knife. Basically, the bride took anything and everything. ROSE in my garden cut and my potted impatiens and petunias gone, pots and all.

My roses were butchered. Including my extremely rare Amelia Earhart hybrid tea that took me three years to track down.

All I could do was prune them back and try to coax them into blooming again. Mother Patricia Russell died in from a heart attack and her husband, Steve, died the following year.

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Friends and family who attended the grave often left flowers but they became concerned seven months ago when the flowers started to go missing. After checking footage from a CCTV camera they installed above the grave, they were horrified to see a man riding a bike stop and take the tributes. I was horrified.