Fire in Summer

Fire, drought, heatwaves: Australia prepares for tough summer
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BC has one of the highest occurrences of forest fires in Canada, averaging about 2, wildfires every year.

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Understanding the elements of a fire can go a long way towards better fire safety. A fire requires three ingredients: heat, oxygen, and fuel. A heat source serves to initially ignite the fire and is also required to keep a fire burning. Heat sources can take the form of a lightning strike, the sun, hot winds, a flame or ember from a burning campfire - even a carelessly tossed cigarette.

As for fuel , any flammable material in proximity to the fire such as trees, grass, brush and even the homes we live in, serves as fuel.

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Even a small spark fueled by underbrush, grass, dead leaves and twigs dried out by the summer heat, can lead to a roaring fire — potentially consuming everything in its path in a matter of minutes. While lightning is currently the leading cause of forest fires in Canada, humans are actually a very close second.

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Each year, people are responsible for just under half of all wildland forest fires. In , Some ways people can cause fires include:. The Government of Canada provides the following fire safety tips for preparing your home, family and communities for potential wildland forest fires:.

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Summer is likely to start off hot and dry, according to the Bureau of Meteorology’s summer outlook, released today.​ Much of eastern Australia is likely to be hotter and drier than average, driven by the same climate influences that gave us a warmer and drier than average spring. Summer fires reflect an increase of incendiary and suspicious fires, fires associated with fireworks and natural fires caused by lightning strikes. These fires are a.

One of the byproducts of a wildfire is smoke — a mixture of gases and very small particles that, when inhaled, can lead to serious health consequences. Short-term health effects include a scratchy throat, irritated sinuses, runny nose, teary eyes, increased mucous production, headaches, and a cough. When it comes to human-related causes, irresponsible use of campfires is one of the leading causes of wildland forest fires. Andorra , Spain and France.

Your browser is not supported by this application. Inscribed in The summer solstice fire festivals take place in the Pyrenees each year on the same night when the sun is at its zenith.

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Once night falls, people from different towns and villages carry flaming torches down the mountains to light a variety of traditionally constructed beacons. The descent is a special moment for young people, signifying the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Models suggest the negative SAM will decay in December. This means the second half of summer is less likely to be influenced by as many periods of these strong westerlies. But while both these dry climate drivers are expected to be gone by midsummer, their legacy will take some time to fade.

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The positive IOD and the dry conditions we have seen in winter and spring are associated with severe fire seasons for southeast Australia in the following summer. And while the drying influences are likely to ease, the temperature outlook indicates that days are very likely to remain warmer than average.

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We also know that any delay in the monsoon will keep air drier for longer across Australia, and potentially aid in heating up the continent. For areas of southern Queensland and northeastern NSW, the wet season will eventually bring seasonal rains, although heatwaves are likely to continue through summer. Even a normal summer in the south will mean little easing of the dry until at least autumn. Read more: Climate change will make fire storms more likely in southeastern Australia. You can visit the Bureau of Meteorology website to view the latest outlook, or subscribe to receive climate outlooks via email.

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YorkTalks — York, York. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. A hot and dry spring is leading into a hot and dry summer.