Dive-navigator HURGHADA und SAFAGA (German Edition)

Dive-navigator HURGHADA und SAFAGA (German Edition)
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Tags: dusseldorf h2o magazine. My home. Well, not really my home I'm from Germany , but I have been coming to Dahab for more than 10 years and it has become my second home. Take a Map With You. The Mares Icon HD Nitrox Dive Computer, launched late last year, allows you to download your dive site maps into the wrist unit so they are available. At the end of his.

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Popular Full immersion holiday: the Liveaboards! Coming Issue. Read More Diving Egypt in June on the Samira Discovery. Nice coral, visibility and so many live under the water. But also the Egyptians are really friendly. Diving Egypt in July on the Golden Dolphin. Very well organised and conducted liveaboard trip with Emperor Asaam. The dive team made everything possible.

e-book Dive-navigator HURGHADA und SAFAGA (German Edition)

Very good experience. We will come back. Diving Egypt in July on the Emperor Asmaa.

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Well organized, including transfers, good food, relaxed diving, security all time high. Diving Egypt in July on the Seawolf Felo. Diving Egypt in July on the Blue.

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I come again, that's for sure. Napoleon's on almost every dive. Biggest morays I have ever seen. Group of bottlenose dolphin came close while diving. A few grey reef and whitetips. Diving Egypt in June on the Tillis. Diving Egypt in June on the Emperor Echo. Diving Egypt in June on the South Moon.

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Diving Egypt in June on the Liberty. The waters are so clear, you can see just about everything. Night dives are also fun, completely different experience than Thailand. Diving Egypt in June on the Amelia Discovery. This was my eighteenth diving holiday in the Red Sea and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Will be going back. Diving Egypt in June on the Blue Adventurer. I can recommend the diving in Egypt although the reefs have suffered quite a lot in the last ten years. Diving Egypt in June on the Snefro Spirit. Exceeded my expectations.

I was impressed with the variety and abundance of the reefs there, and have not seen such vivid colours of coral before. The wrecks were also very interesting to dive and it was a great opportunity to be able to experience that. Overall fantastic, would definitely come back again and do the south itinerary. Above average - water is cold and and recommend a full dive 3 - 5 ml suit.

Diving Egypt in May on the Seawolf Felo. Diving Egypt in May on the Snefro Pearl. Diving Egypt in May on the King Snefro 5. Diving Egypt in May on the Tillis. Diving Egypt in May on the Emperor Echo. However, the authorities should be more aggressive to improve the preservation of thsi area. Toilettes are too often dumped close the reefs.

Easy to find resh garbage on the bottom the morning after some other boats left. No recyling on the boat paper, glass and the rest are mixed. The crew was incredibly accommodating and even added extra dives for the die hards. The diving is nice, and it's close to Europe, but for similar cost diving in Indonesia Komodo is better, with far more large pelagic, manta and macro. But the Red Sea did have more sharks. It was a pity we didn't see any Oceanic White Tips, apparently they haven't been around all year. Diving Egypt in May on the Longimanus.

Easy diving, good quality for reasonable price. If would have been even better if the trip could start from somewhere easy location to access than Port Ghalib.

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She sank 10 minutes later. Evidence from the engine room has confirmed her origins. She was requisitioned in the Admiralty services during WW2 and armed with 1 x 4" gun, 1 x 12pnr, 2 x twin Lewis, 4 x Hotchkiss and one Breda. Since the original incarnation of Aziab. Over the years, Hurghada has developed a bubbling reputation for its cosmopolitan nightlife scene, alongside the many bars within the new Hurghada Marina , Papas Bar has two venues one inside the marina, the other next-door to the Shedwan Hotel in downtown Dahr. To end your dive you can simply climb the main mast up to the shallows at 4m and perform your. The ships wheel and compass binnacle were still in place and the telegraph lay below on the sand clearly showing its Dutch origin.

It offers very limited transportation method which leads to hardship of managing in and out schedule. Diving Egypt in April on the Blue Horizon. Off to a bumpy start because the driver supposed to meet me at the airport didn't show up. But once I got to the boat, things were great.

Dive sites are really beautiful and the itinerary had a lot to offer. I had a very good visibility dives but not so interesting than I expected, sorry. Diving Egypt in April on the King Snefro 5. Very colorful marine life, hot sun, blue sky, good equipment and Port Ghalib is a nice Marina to start and end.

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German version of “Dive-navigator HURGHADA and SAFAGA”. Atlas “Hurghada und Safaga” include all the most popular reefs and wrecks along the western. A German edition of the book "Dive-navigator El Gouna" from the series "Dive navigator." Here you can find the most interesting and popular dive sites around the El Gouna city, Red Dive-Navigator Hurghada Und Safaga.

Generally diving in the northern part of The Red Sea is relaxing and nice. Of course, it is not comparable to certain places in the Coral Triangle when it comes to marine life. But that is to be expected. To be honest, I am a bit worried about the shark population.

We didn't encounter a single shark during the whole week. Diving Egypt in April on the Snefro Love. It has been a perfect diving experience with a total of 20 dives perfectly orchestrated by Sergei! People are friendly, more environmentally aware than most places I went diving. Theres a wide variety of dive sites all around the east shores and sinai.

Egypt south was the best red sea diving I have experienced.

From 3 trips so far.