Daily Raw: Easy raw food recipes for beginners

The 11 Best Easy Raw Vegan Recipes
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We don't eat the same meal every mealtime, every day. Over time we eat a variety of foods and get our nutritional needs met.

Feeding Fido works in the same way. And of course you can tailor your own personalized recipes to suit your dog's taste. Now you've got an idea of what you'll be using to prepare your dog's meals, let's take a look at some specific figures:. Of course, the mainstay of any dog diet is a good source of protein, and for most dogs that protein is best when it comes from quality meat. It's important to always use human-grade meat and go 'organic' with all ingredients whenever possible.

There are tons of different fruits and vegetables that you can add to any raw dog food recipe. Lightly steaming fruits or vegetables is another way to break them down sufficiently for your dog to get the maximum benefit from their nutrient value. Like people, some dogs prefer certain ones and you will find out about your dogs' preferences as you go along. Don't be too rigid about this though as it's important that he gets a wide variety of fruit and veggies so keep trying different ones until you have a good selection that he will eat.

Also, there are a few that can cause excess gas or other digestive upsets, others that are actually dangerous, even toxic, to dogs. Don't use garlic, onions or potatoes with their skin on Cabbage and turnips can result in a lot of gas.

cars.cleantechnica.com/evangelismo-personal-para-cada-da-segn.php Tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms and peppers can cause tummy upsets. Don't use grapes or raisins.

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They can be poisonous to dogs. Other ingredients that can be used to add variety and extra nutritional value to raw dog food recipes. They do not need to be added daily, and once or twice a week for most is generally enough Liver, kidney and heart is nutritionally very important for the dog, with liver possibly being the most important. Spleen is brilliant too, when you can get it.

Use any organs beef, turkey, pork, lamb, chicken, duck organs. Veg you cry?! I feel if you are going to exclude hair and feathers and hide all the other indigestible parts that come with eating a whole animal which most of us normally do then a little veg addition adds a bit of fibre to help form a nice poo. Some use, some do not.


I personally do. More on the science behind feeding dogs veg here. Dogs do not need this stuff, we know that, but as the article on feeding dogs veg above highlights, dogs do display some tiny evolutionary steps towards carb digestion. Also, some sighthounds certainly need some in their normal fare and I often use a little in pups or seniors who need an energy boost. This is where you need to be a bit careful. As the raw dog food market explodes, there will be more groups entering the market trying to make you pay good money for bad meat.

This is why I use Paleo Ridge raw dog food. Even their packaging is biodegradable. All delivered to your door for no more than the price of their competitors. Nobody gets close. Conor Brady. The minces available to dog owners will vary in quality and calorie content certainly "pet" minces. It can be a bit of minefield as dogs rarely complain and there's lots of sneaky ways to wrap up carcass and fat and sell it to you as if it were fillet steak.

Raw Food Basics

So get to know your supplier, visit their shop, try keep it Irish and in so far as possible buy from local butchers. They have bins full of stuff and you buy other bits from them they can be more than accommodating. Other butchers have great online facilities and great deals can be found. This is a great way to take advantage of the versatility that comes with minced meat while ensuring that there are enough bones in the mix.

Another option is to add whole eggs. The egg shells are chock-full of calcium and phosphorus. If you choose to go this route, just make sure that you're getting organic eggs that are free of any pesticides or chemicals. Organs are a crucial part of the formula. Organs densely packed with vitamins and minerals.

Beat the Heat! 30 Raw Vegan Recipes for Summer

A great way to look at organs is to compare it the human equivalent. Leafy greens and vegetables are crucial for human health because of their vitamins and nutrients. Organs are the same way for your pup. High-quality organs like kidneys, spleens, and brains can do wonders for your dog. While it may seem a bit unorthodox, this is the only source of nutrients for dogs in the wild. Stick to the rule and your dog should be fine.

There are some notable exceptions that you should be wary of. One of them is liver. It's pretty easy to find chicken, beef, or pork livers at the supermarket. However, you should limit your dog's liver intake. It's very high in Vitamin A. Too much of it can lead to some messy diarrhea.


Nut butters, tahini, seed spreads, flax crackers and other raw vegan recipes are very high fat and low in carbohydrates. High-quality organs like kidneys, spleens, and brains can do wonders for your dog. One of the biggest mistakes that new raw feeders can make is to provide too much fat. Squeeze as much air out as you can and then place the baggie in a bowl of warm water for five minutes or so. C arolus Linnaes, the father of modern taxonom y the branch of science concerned with classification, especially of organisms stated:. These tacos have it all: A spicy nut and seed crumble, a fresh, herby salsa, and a vegan cashew crema to top it off.

The use of heart and tripe is another exception. Heart and tripe are pure muscle. They can be used as a meat source but not as organs. If you include these ingredients, add in another organ to make sure that your furry friend getting the nutrients they need. Fish is a great ingredient. Whole fish provides your dog with protein, organs, and bones.

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One of the biggest benefits of whole fish is the oil. Fish oil contains omega fatty acids.

They play an important role in keeping your dog's heart healthy. Additionally, fish oil can keep your pup's skin and coat supple. While fish oil supplements are available, nothing beats the real thing. Supplements are heavily processed and go bad pretty easily. Adding a bit of salmon or sardines to their meal every day is an easy way to make sure that they're getting a healthy dose of fish oil. Alternatively, you can use whole fish as the main meat source for one of their meals each week. One important thing to note about fish is that you'll need to freeze it first.

Raw fish can carry bacteria and parasites that will affect your pup. Freezing the fish for up to seven days can kill most of the bacteria and parasites. While the main component of your dog's diet should always be meat, you can throw in some vegetables as well. Plant-based ingredients aren't required. For many dog owners, it's simply a matter of personal preference.

However, vegetables can offer a number of benefits.

Raw Dog Food Recipe Proportions

Check out these delicious, simple, and healthy raw food recipes for beginners. Try adding one raw meal a day for amazing (yummy) health benefits. This book is written for people who love food and want to be healthy. It uses only natural ingredients, combining them in an easy way to prepare delicious and.

One of the biggest is fiber. Fiber helps to keep your dog's digestive system in check. With an adequate amount of fiber, their stool will be firm and healthy. Fruits and vegetables also include probiotics , chlorophyll, antioxidants, and much more. All of these nutrients will benefit your pup's health in the long run. Before you add plant-based ingredients, make sure it's something that your dog can eat safely. There are a number of fruits and vegetables that are toxic. Once you know it's safe , cook it to break it down.

This gives your dog easy access to all the good stuff and makes it easy to digest. Almost every commercial dog food on the market has carbohydrates and starch.

Homemade Raw Dog Food

They help to create that signature kibble shape. However, they're completely useless in a dog's diet. Grains and simple carbohydrates are only fillers. They're empty calories that fill your dog up. Most of the time, unhealthy carbohydrates are used as a filler to keep costs low. Starchy foods, such as potatoes, can actually cause harm when paired with raw meat.

It throws off the acidity in your dog's stomach. As a result, they may not be able to digest the raw meat safely. Raw food diets are meant to provide your dog with the things he or she needs. So, you should avoid adding too many carbohydrates.