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What area of the playground did the girls have to play on? Chapter 4.

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What happened when Bill tried to walk down the corridor towards the office? What happened when Mrs Bandaraina said "sweet little frock"? What advantage did Bill find there was for wearing a frock? Chapter 1. What happened to Bill on Monday? Why was Bill's Dad in a rush? What did he say to Bill as he kissed him on cheek?

Who was whistling at Bill?

[Part 1/3] Bill's New Frock

Why did Astrid complain? What was Mrs Collins like about neat work? Chapter 2. Why did bill decide not to play football? How did Bill get knocked to the ground? What happened when Bill tried to borrow the ball?

What did Martin give Bill? Chapter 3. What lesson was it after Art? What did they find that was all pink? What left a thick pink slug trail? I decided to leave the school at the end of the week. By the time school finishes Bill has dirtied his frock beyond recognition. When he gets home, his Mother takes the frock off, scolding him for ruining it. De-frocked, Bill is once again perceived as a boy. He is delighted:. Some people might have said that he could have done with a bit of a haircut But he was definitely a boy. Never in his whole life had Bill felt such relief. The story ends, and we are left in no doubt how agonizing it is to be a girl. Imagine the effect of this book on girls! Why would loving parents send their sons and daughters to such a place? Suggestions :. Bill marries a strong independent woman and defers to her because she has been so persecuted. They have three children. She gets bored with Bill and has an affair with the plumber.

To get rid of Bill, she goads him until be becomes red-faced. She calls the police because she feels threatened by this. Bill is taken to prison and undergoes anger management courses. His wife's lover moves in and Bill supports them and the children, while scraping by in a rooming house. Bill is confused about his sexuality. Encouraged by media and school alike he experiments with homosexuality and eventually devotes all his free time to cruising for anonymous sex.

He becomes a middle aged roue. One night he takes home a rent boy who bludgeons him to death. He is buried in the frock that meant so much to him.

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As a gesture of solidarity with oppressed females around the world, Bill becomes a cross dresser and is a sensation at Burlesque Houses throughout London's West End. Marrying a foreign woman - particularly Latin - is a good 1st move. I did the same. Dominican Republic.

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I guess great minds think alike. However, the problem is not so much the woman but the environment. Women spoil very quickly as they are very susceptible to propaganda.

Ancient peoples were well aware of this - hence the allegory of the Adam and Eve story in Genesis. I have noticed how quickly American media and NWO controlled media corrupts - women in particular. The effect is devastating. So I suspect that Latin America will soon be a wasteland too.

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We have maybe another years to enjoy it, but in 20 years the women their will be different. Each episode, a woman takes violent retribution against her abusive, cheating, emotionally distant, uninteresting man. Of course, the women are all shown as glamorous, strong, independent, etc My wife loves this show and I see the ill effects already.

She's an attorney as well. Men, assuming they recognize the problem, must not yield to feminazi nonsense, masculine women, - not one inch. Be a manly man and make no apologies. On the societal level, the only real cure is religion. I speak to a number of Arab people on a daily basis. They are actually fighting to protect the threat they perceive to their women, their families,and hence their culture. For this I respect them then. We American men have already lost this battle for the most part.

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So, we must all embrace religion. This is the only cure.

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Whatever your faith is - to embrace its traditional form for you and your family and follow the guidance of the ancients is essential. Eliminate popular culture for the most part - to the extent possible from your life. Garbage in Garbage Out. No Garbage in No Garbage out. I cant even enjoy a football game without seeing the teams outfitted with pink cleats, gloves, and ribbons to celebrate breast cancer awareness. Imagine that: 6'4" lb mostly black men running around pounding each other to pieces wearing pink for breast cancer awareness!!!!

Whatever happened to prostate cancer awareness - one of the biggest killers of black men????